New Year’s Resolutions

Can you imagine how cool it will be to sit down and look at this list on the 31th december? Exactly! This will be awesome!
Unfortunately i n Russia there is no such tradition to make New Year’s resolutions but this fact won’t stop me
During the winter break I’ve made this list and haven’t give up yet. So, one week is done,hooray!


Here is my list (I feel like if I post it I’ll have more motivation)
1.Exercise every day
I’ve created two types “training program” for “cool” days and lazy days for doing at home. Also I’ve bought new subscription to my favorite pole dance studio where I’ve been training before entering the university
2.Learn Swedish for 2 hours in a week
I think i should better create another post talking about it
3.Sleep 5 hours everyday
except for the breaks of course ’cause,c’on, I love sleeping
4.Eat less junk food
I have problems with stomach so I believe this is right thing to do
Also I’m a plus size girl and I used to suffer from eating disorder and I think it’ll help me to feel better about myself
5.Make non-alcohol weeks sometimes
Again this is because of my stomach
6.Write down how much money I spend
I want to save some money for the summer so I’ll be able to travel with my bestie
7.Heal my teeth
This is really important for me. I don’t know why i just can’t go and do this.. I mean I’m no afraid of dentists but I think the point here is I feel guilty to spend so much my parents money
8. Create an English-speaking blog
This why I’m here! I’m not sure if someone gonna read it but I’m here and I want to do this!

So anyway guys, tell me about your New Year’s resolutions, I’m really curious to know

See you soon,



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